About Us

QANNAQ - A Great Vision for the CBD Industry

As specialists in the CBD business, we share a common vision for the cannabinoid industry – the growth will be exponential in the near future. This growth will also bring with it higher standards and critical regulation, processes that are much needed in this emerging market. As a consequence, we are highly committed to upholding strong values. We are a team of dedicated professionals: chemical engineers, physicians and marketing specialists and our collective effort aims to bring you the purest, most transparent CBD products on the European market.

The exponential growth of the CBD industry must be linked with solid core values in order for the end consumer to enjoy safe and effective products. We always measure our success through customer satisfaction and that is why the main pillar in our company is quality.

Our Core Values

Our long term goal is to become a major supplier of CBD products including oils, topicals, cosmetics and other hemp extract-based consumables. We can achieve by adhering to our most important principles:

  1. Quality
  2. Respect for our customers

All of our CBD products are of high purity, clean from any contaminants and backed by Certificates of Analysis. Our products contain exactly what the label says.

We respect our customers and we want to offer them exactly what they need. By being transparent and always ready to help, we can set the stage for for a healthy and durable relationship.

Approved as a Food Supplement

We follow the latest industry standards, which makes our CBD products really stand out. Our CBD Oil is notified with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate in Poland as a dietary supplement.

Together with Good Manufacturing (GMP) and ISO certifications, this notification is proof of a trusted and authentic product.

Paving the Way for Novel Products

The spotlight shines on cannabinoids, socially and scientifically. The general public is becoming acquainted with the concept, while the many ongoing scientific studies are delving into the intricacies. One thing is certain though: in the very near future, science will catch up and provide answers. Expect to see an abundance of preventive plant-based treatments as well as changes in the associated medical fields.

Through collaborations and partnerships with key figures, we are situating ourselves in a position where we can help advance the CBD industry by contributing valuable information to shared knowledge pools.